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Sustainable Forest Management in Austria 2008

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Author(s)Johannes Prem
Co-authorsAnnerl, M., Baschny T., Bukta E., Büchsenmeister R., Drack I., Essl F., Geburek T., Greimel M., Greutter G., Grieshofer A., Gschwandtl I., Gugganig H., Hangler J., Hauk E., Herman F., Karisch-Gierer D., Keller M., Kiessling J., Knieling A., Kudjelka W., Linser S., Lotterstätter R., Mehrani-Mylany H., Moser A., Mutsch F., Neumann M., Niese G., Nöbauer M., Patek M., Rappold G., Russ W., Schadauer K., Schima J., Schodterer H., Schragl B., Schwarzl B., Siegel H., Singer F., Smidt S., Starsich A., Tomiczek Ch., Weiss P.
Publisher(s)Bundesministerium für Land- und Forstwirtschaft, Umwelt und Wasserwirtschaft
Place of publicationWien
Languagede, en
Austria’s forests are of essential importance for our environment, quality of life, national economy and not least for protection against natural hazards. In times of ever-scarcer resources all over the world and the dangers of climate change, the renewable resource wood is becoming increasingly important. Against this background, a detailed presentation of the many different impacts of forests is of greatest interest. The Austrian Forest Report 2008 satisfi es this interest at a very high level and continues the long tradition of forestry reporting.