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The energy report

Energy Report
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Year of publication 2010
Publisher(s) WWF International
Place of publication Gland
ISBN/ISSN 978-2-940443-26-0
Language en
Price free
Page(s) 256
Publication type Other
The world needs to transition from its current unsustainable energy paradigm to a future powered by entirely renewable energy supply. Only by making such a transition will we be able to avoid the very worst impacts of climate change.
WWF’s ground-breaking energy study - The Energy Report - shows that this future is within our reach, and provides a vital insight into how it can be achieved.

Questioning the views of conventional experts: A growing number of leaders - from within the policy arena, business, media, and civil society, are questioning the views of conventional experts on the world’s energy future, and their “business-as-usual” scenarios, embarking on a serious search for realistic alternatives.

Their reasoning is obvious: minimizing climate change impacts will require substantial cuts in global emissions - as quickly as possible.
The world has reached peak conventional oil and gas, meaning oil and gas companies are digging deeper and deeper into unconventional sources, with disastrous environmental and social consequences. Coal is still relatively readily available, but catastrophic in terms of climate changing emissions. The world can no longer afford to hang on to its old energy paradigm, and its dangerous dependence on fossil fuels.

A feasible global scenario: The Energy Report, produced through a collaboration between WWF and Ecofys, breaks new ground in the energy debate: a possible system in which ALL of the world’s energy supply is provided by renewable and sustainable sources by mid-century. The Energy Report draws together strategies and technology options that have already been trialled or implemented - to create a feasible global scenario.
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