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Spatial Planning and Alpine Space in Climate Change

SIR Mitteilungen
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SIR Mitteilungen
Year of publication2010
Author(s)Helmut Hiess
Co-authorsDI Wolfgang Pfefferkorn
Publisher(s)SIR Salzburger Institut für Raumordnung & Wohnbau
Place of publicationSalzburg
Publication typeJournal article
Within the framework of the project "cc.alps - Climate Change: Think ahead!", the International Commission for the Protection of the Alps (CIPRA) tested climate protection measures in the Alps. CIPRA compiles information on climate protection activities and adjustments to climate change in the Alps (hereinafter referred to as climate measures) and analyses the impacts of these climate measures on the environment, economy and society.

CIPRA's aim is to make the climate measures, which comply with the principles of sustainable development, accessible to a broader public and to warn the public of those climate measures that have negative effects on nature and the environment as well as on social cohesion and the economy.

The "CIPRA compact" series comprises several thematic publications that take a critical look at climate measures in the Alps. The series covers the following activities in addition to the subject of "transport": energy, building and refurbishing, energy self sufficient regions, spatial planning, tourism, natural hazards, nature protection, agriculture, forestry and water. The CIPRA compact about spatial planning presents an overview of transport- related measures in the Alps to ameliorate climate change and promote adaptations to climate change.