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Managing Alpine Future

Year of publication2009
Author(s)Axel Borsdorf
Co-authorsJohann Stötter, Eric Veulliet
Publisher(s)ÖAW-Verlag der Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften
Place of publicationWien
Price€ 24,95
Managing Alpine Future – an introduction
Environment and Natural Hazards
Maintaining mountain biodiversity in an era of climate change; Aspects of differentiation of global and regional climate change effects in Alpine regions; An ecological network in the Alps – new space for nature: Overview on changing nature conservation practices in the Alps; GLOWA-Danube: climate change and the future of water in the Upper Danube Basin; D. Dawa – D. Geneletti, Environmental impact of trekking in Trans-Himalayan ecosystems – a study of a highly visited trail in Ladakh;
The Future of Tourism in a Changing Alpine Environment
Climate change and tourism in the Alps
The Alps in the age of new style tourism: between diversification and post-tourism?
Do snowmaking investments improve the financial situation of the ski area operation companies in the perspective of climate change?
The impact of poor winter seasons on ski tourism and the role of snowmaking as an adaptation strategy
Vulnerability to global change and sustainable adaptation of ski tourism – an outlook on the study SkiSustain
Mobility – a Need and a Problem at the Same Time
Alps: barriers of "physical", but triggers for "intellectual" mobility in Europe
Prospects for transport and mobility in the Alps
Sustainability of Alpine railway tunnel projects – an analysis of the Brenner Base Tunnel
Accelerated change of Alpine air transport
Development of options for action to adapt the high Alpine trail network to consequences of climate change
Researching mobility of university graduates in an Alpine region
Health – a Key Factor of Quality of Life in the Mountains
Climate change as a chance for Alpine health tourism?
Health impact assessment: a potential tool for managing health consequences of Alpine space policies
Historical remarks about the impact of global change on food supply in the Alpine area during the 20th century
Risk of traffic induced contamination of the water cycle: assessment of urban snow and soil in the Tyrolean region

Water and Energy – Valuable Mountain Resources for the Future of Mankind
Energy efficiency and renewable energy – the key technologies for climate change mitigation
Comparison of renewable energy resources in Alpine regions
Water demand for snowmaking under climate change conditions in an Alpine environment
Culture – an Important Component of a Sustainable Future in the Alps
Alpine culture as a key factor for sustainable development in the Alps
The impact of current demographic transformation on ethno-linguistic minori-ties in the Alps
"Future in the Alps": getting knowledge across – networking people
Steering a Sustainable Future: Spatial Planning and Development
Amenity-led change in mountain regions: maintaining ecological integrity of the distant brought nearby;
Considerations on the future of agriculture in Austrian Alpine areas
Soil evaluation for planning procedures: providing a basis for soil protection in Alpine regions
What can mountain regions in Southeast Europe learn from the Alps? Tourism vs. National Park in Bansko/Pirin, Bulgaria
Implications of a regional scale soil temperature and freezing model in the Upper Danube Basin for climate change scenarios
Holocene climate and landscape history of the Pirin Mountains (Southwest Bulgaria)
IGF-Forschungsbericht Nr. 2