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Andes - Himalaya - Alps

Neuerscheinung "Anden - Himalaja - Alpen"
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Year of publication2003
Publisher(s)Internationale Gesellschaft für Historische Alpenforschung
c/o Laboratorio di Storia delle Alpi LabiSAlp, Università delle Svizzera italiana
Place of publicationZürich
Number of pages314
Languagede, fr, it - abstract in: en
PriceCHF 38.00 / EUR 24.80
JournalGeschichte der Alpen
Magazine No.2003/8
The volume 2003/8 in the History of the Alps series by the International Society for Historical Research into the Alps (ISALP) is dedicated to urban development in the mountain regions of South America, Asia and Europe from the early Middle Ages to the present. The contributions in German, French and Italian provide new insights into the historical development of these three mountain regions. The studies on the individual regions are preceded by two abstracts of discussion papers in English.
The articles contain the findings of the conference entitled The Mountains in Urban Development, which was organised by ISALP in Buenos Aires on 25 July 2002 as part of the International Year of the Mountains. Each article is complemented by an abstract in English. A bibliography on the history of tourism in the Alps is included at the end of the book.
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