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Biogas vom Bauer wird zum Treibstoff von morgen

Year of publication2003
Author(s)Urs Brücker
Co-authorsRoland Limacher, Stefan Krummenacher, Joel Schmid
Publisher(s)Bundesamt für Energie BFE
Number of pages45
Excrements of animals can be processed to biogas which we can use instead of fuel for cars. The excrements of the animals from the canton Lucerne would suffice to provide about 32000 cars with green fuel. In a study case from the cooperation "SwissFarmerPower" the technical, logistic and economical possibilities of the agriculture biogas production in canton Lucerne were analysed. The canton Lucerne was selected, because it has a very high animal density in comparison with other mountain cantons in Switzerland. The result of this study shows that the construction of bigger constructions especially for the direct supply into the erdgas net make sense from an ecological and economical point of view. The air pollution and CO2 output can be reduced. Farmers can profit from an added income. In a pilot project various biogas-stations were build up. Now, the swiss gas economy encourages the increase of the net of biogas-stations in Switzerland (--> could be like good practice example)