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Avalanches in Slovenia

Avalanches in Slovenia
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Year of publication2002
Author(s)Miha Pavšek
Publisher(s)Geografski inštitut Antona Melika ZRC SAZU
Geografski vestnik
Drago  Perko
Place of publicationLjubljana
Number of pages209
Price16,80 EUR
Slovenia with its varied relief forms and landscapes is endangered by a number of natural disasters. In comparison to other disasters, snow avalanches endanger only a small part of country's surface, but they are problematic mostly because of their spatial and temporal unpredictability. Avalanches are the major cause for death casualties occurring in natural disasters in Slovenia. In the book, the author first presents avalanches as a form of natural disasters which endanger the earth's surface. He does this by studying the natural geographical characteristics of snow avalanches, focusing on alpine landscape. The author then proceeds to define the number and significance of landscape elements and reveals the correlation between landscape elements and the avalanches registered in the avalanche cadastre. He concludes by using the geographical information system to locate and demarcate areas which are potentially at risk from avalanches. Thus, prevention as a major element in avalanche accident prevention is emphasized.The author concludes the book with an illustration. He chooses the avalanche–prone area in upper Soca basin (NW Slovenia) to transfer part of the findings and discoveries into practice. He uses the specific example of the avalanche path to present the issue of sustainable protection which makes use of the forest, i.e. afforestation, which has proven to be the most suitable permanent protection of the endangered area.
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