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The Water of the Alps

Year of publication2002
Publisher(s)Interacademic Commission for Alpine Studies ICAS
Place of publicationBern
Number of pages72
Languagede, fr - abstract in: en
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Publication typeJournal, booklet
The conference report on water in the Alps has been published in the wake of the 6th National Conference on Alpine Studies held in Switzerland on 07.09.2001 and 27.03.2002. The report contains current research projects on socio-economic issues of water research. By reporting the conference findings it aims to motivate participants to launch interdisciplinary projects and to establish networks. The conference itself was organised by the Inter-Academic Commission on Alpine Studies (ICAS) and the National Committee of the International Human Dimensions Programme on Global Environmental Change (IHDP).
The introductory contributions and abstracts are followed by the findings of the four workshops: Perception and Assessment of Water; Legislation, Ownership and Public Policy; Economy and Consumerism; Decision Processes. The report ends with a presentation of the need for research and a short account of the workshop "Reforms in Swiss Urban Water Management" by the Swiss Federal Institution for Water Supply, Waste-water Treatment and Water Conservation of 06.06.2002. The report is available in German and French, with an abstract in English.
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