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The value of landscape in the eyes of both residents and tourists: implicit price and strategies of reconciliation

Evaluation monétaire de la qualité du paysage
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Year of publication2004
Publisher(s)Alexandre Tangerini
Number of pages121
Languagefr - abstract in: en
Publication typeOther
What is the monetary value of the Alpine landscape for the resident populations and tourists? This question was studied in the framework of Swiss National Research Programme NFP48 "Landscapes and Living Spaces in the Alps". The researchers examined the economic importance of the landscape and other parameters with reference to the level of rents on the property market in ski resorts in Canton Valais. The results show that beautiful scenery is a key factor in the cost of rented properties. It was also found that residents and visitors do not attach the same importance to all parameters. This is reflected in the fact that holiday apartment rentals correlate much more closely with the beauty of the resort and especially with its winter sport infrastructure than private property rentals, which are hardly affected by such aspects as skiing facilities.