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Pendlermobilität in der Schweiz (Commuter Mobility in Switzerland)

Year of publication2004
Author(s)Roman Frick
Co-authorsWüthrich P., Zbinden R., Keller M
Publisher(s)Bundesamt für Statistik
Place of publicationNeuenburg
Price30.- CHF
Publication typeJournal, booklet
The study on the external costs of transport in the EU, Switzerland and Norway by the research institutes IWW (Karlsruhe/D) and Infras (Zurich/CH) shows that the transport system in Germany causes some €150 bn in health and environmental costs each year. The costs for health and environmental damage caused by transport are not covered by those responsible; instead they are borne by the public in general, for instance through social security contributions and taxes. Road traffic is the single most responsible factor for driving up these costs: 83% of health and environmental costs are due to road traffic, with air traffic and rail traffic accounting for 14% and 2% respectively. For Switzerland in particular a new study on commuter traffic shows that more and more people are using their cars to travel to work.