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Dealing with Climate Change

Year of publication2002
Publisher(s)International Energy Agency (IEA)
Number of pages135
Price110 EUR
In 2001 the 26 IEA Member countries took or planned over 200 energy-related policies and measures to tackle climate change caused by greenhouse gas emissions. This volume reviews the actions taken and describes them in detail. It shows how developed countries implement the commitments made under international agreements or at national level to reduce their emissions.
The policies have been classified under six major headings: fiscal polices, tradable permits, regulatory instruments, voluntary agreements, R&D policies and policy processes. The introductory analysis provides an overview and assessment of recent policy trends.

"Dealing with Climate Change" is the third volume in a series that provides a comprehensive look at climate-related actions underway in the energy sector. It provides the policy details invaluable to all those who follow the evolving dimensions of the climate change debate.
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