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  • Working together for better public mobility

    In many rural areas of the Alps, public transport services are inadequate, both for daily needs and for tourism development. The new project by CIPRA France and CIPRA Germany aims to promote cooperation between stakeholders and to stimulate creative processes of international exchange so as to develop solutions.

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  • Where in the Alps is the highest quality of life?

    What is quality of life? How and with the help of which indicators can we measure it and why is this important? Quality of life is one of the more complex concepts that concerns everyone of us.

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  • Controversial railway tunnel between Turin and Lyon

    In mid-June 2023, hundreds of people gathered in the French border town of Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne to protest against the construction of a high-speed rail tunnel between Lyon and Turin. In a public statement, CIPRA France and Mountain Wilderness also criticised the project.

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  • Ten years of the CIPRA Youth Council

    What do young people need for a good life in the Alps? The CIPRA Youth Council (CYC) celebrated its tenth anniversary at the beginning of July 2023 with a panel discussion, a podcast workshop and a joint hike.

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  • Alpine Basecamp for good ideas

    Revitalising valleys, identifying with landscapes, climbing more sustainably, using old irrigation systems innovatively, eating radically and locally: 18 participants honed such project ideas at the second “Alpine Changemaker Basecamp” (ACB), held in Silandro/I at the beginning of July 2023.

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  • Experience the last of the glaciers

    Recharge your batteries, go cycling, visit the glaciers: the Alpine Climate Camps project combines mountain sports with climate protection, further encouraging young climate activists. A bicycle tour in Austria at the beginning of September 2023 and other activities in Switzerland and Italy will draw attention to the disappearing glaciers.

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  • Managing climate risks in biosphere reserves

    As an effect of climate change, droughts, floods and other natural hazards are becoming more frequent, sometimes even simultaneously. How can we as a society learn to cope with this and become more resilient in the process? What role can biosphere reserves play in the Alpine region and beyond? With CIPRA participation, a new research project is now looking into these questions.

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  • The Alps – a zone of encounters

    Who is moving around the Alpine region? Where do the conflict lines run and where do encounters take place? How can we find more climate-friendly routes and which paths might lead to a dead end? Questions like these are posed in the June 2023 issue of CIPRA's themed publication, SzeneAlpen.

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  • Point of view: Avoiding transport collapse together

    As regards the growing volume of individual and transit traffic, it can be stated that neither regional nor national perspectives will lead to solutions. We have to find them together, because the Alps lie in the midst of Europe. This geographical truism is central to an understanding of transport policy problems in the Alps so as to avoid transport collapse, says Kaspar Schuler, Executive Director of CIPRA International.

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  • Lawsuits and laws for climate protection

    Climate protection laws define clear climate targets, but for many the measures set out are insufficient. Climate lawsuits are increasing political pressure in the Alpine countries.

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