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  • Point of view: The Alps are not an endless source of energy!

    Solar, wind and hydropower are helping us become less dependent on fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas. This can also be done without sacrificing the last biodiversity hotspots in the Alps, says Isabella Helmschrott, Executive Director of CIPRA Switzerland.

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  • Avoiding mountains of trash

    Litter is not only found in seas or urban areas: littering is also increasingly impinging on mountain areas. Initiatives and campaigns are motivating people to collect and avoid litter in the Alps.

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  • Hidden CO2 emitters

    Climate protection measures are expensive, which is why they are regularly criticised and rejected. How then can it be that at the same time the Alpine states are spending billions on environmentally harmful subsidies?

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  • Wanted: innovative ideas for the Alps

    Young and committed people can now apply for the second “Alpine Changemaker Basecamp” in July 2023, where they can further develop and optimise their project ideas in a professional environment.

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  • IOC favours bobsleigh solution abroad

    The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has formally notified the International Commission for the Protection of the Alps (CIPRA) that there is no need to build a new bobsleigh track for the Winter Olympics.

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  • Travelling with a clear conscience

    The fifth edition of YOALIN started in April 2023. 150 Yoalin tickets are waiting for young people between 18 and 27 to travel the Alps in a climate-friendly way by train and bus. In addition, they are invited to the kick-off in Slovenia, to three hub events during the summer and to the final event in Switzerland.

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  • Expedition for future female glacier researchers


    Stay overnight on the glacier for over a week, climb peaks, carry out scientific experiments: the “Girls* on Ice” project offers girls an awe-inspiring summer experience.

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  • Alpine Policy 2023: the Slovenian-Swiss year

    This year, Slovenia and Switzerland will play a decisive role in shaping international cooperation between states and regions in the Alps: Slovenia is taking over the presidency of the Alpine Convention, while Switzerland is the first non-EU country to chair the Eusalp, the EU Strategy for the Alpine Region.

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  • A stronger voice for young people


    Young people want to bring about sustainable change, but politics and society are moving too slowly. At the launch of CIPRA International’s Erasmus+ project “Alpine Climate Camps”, young adults discussed their commitment to a sustainable world in Schaan/LI in January 2023.

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  • Unsuitable landscapes for energy production

    The results of a recent survey from Switzerland are clear: no to energy production in almost unspoilt mountain areas. Intensively used areas around ski resorts or existing power plants would be better suited to the expansion of renewable energy.

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