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Working together for the future of the Alps

Apr 07, 2015 / CIPRA International
In terms of policymaking for the Alps, 2014 was an eventful year. The stage was set for the development of a macro-regional Alpine strategy to find transnational solutions to problems encountered throughout the Alpine space and develop innovative projects specifically targeted at the Alps, and progress was made in defining the terms of reference.
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The debate was initially dominated by representatives of the EU, national governments and the regions involved; the Alpine Convention and civil society were for a long time excluded from the process.

CIPRA Austria ran the Alpen.Leben project (Life in the Alps) to strengthen the role of the Alpine Convention and civil society in the process and to emphasise their importance. The results related to ways of integrating the Alpine Convention into the macro-region – as an established instrument for protecting the Alpine habitat – and the need to take into account the precautionary principle and the ecological, economic and demographic limits to the resilience of the Alpine space. The project also focussed on the role of civil society and the scope for participation in both the strategy development and the implementation phase. Another aspect addressed was the flexibility that CIPRA Austria considers essential with regard to the geographical scope of a macro-region for the Alps. The physical products of the process include a project report in English and German, which is available from CIPRA Austria. (de)

Source: Annual Report 2014, CIPRA International,