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Winter tourism – a destination shaping change

Feb 08, 2017
What are the challenges facing winter tourism in these times of climate change and new patterns of visitor behaviour? CIPRA takes a fictional resort and presents the possible decisions and their consequences: the interactive presentation is accompanied by a web dossier and a position paper.
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CIPRA International asks how much further we can allow winter tourism to go. © Johannes Gautier

Winter destinations in the Alps are under pressure as winters are becoming shorter and snow cover thinner, while the costs of infrastructure and marketing grow. There are fewer tourists and these are not just interested in skiing, but also want to enjoy snowshoe excursions, wellness, concerts or tasting local specialities. This requires a rethinking of the offer and even sometimes a move away from tourism and a search for alternatives. 

CIPRA shows the challenges to be faced along the way on the basis of an interactive presentation: “Winter tourism – a destination shaping change”. A fictional tourist destination looks at examples of different ideas and possibilities, at how these can shape the future, and what effects its decisions will have on the environment, economy and society. The presentation has been prepared in the context of the alpMonitor project, which shows the upcoming challenges and opportunities for sustainable development in the Alps on the basis of five fields of action.

The questions facing more and more tourist destinations in the Alps are addressed in the CIPRA web dossier “Winter tourism in the Alps”. The dossier also contains further information on artificial snowmaking, visitor behaviour patterns and much more. In its position paper “Solstice in winter tourism”, CIPRA presents the reasons why change is required, with six demands underlining the need for urgent action.

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