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Thinking ahead together

Apr 18, 2018
Sustainable development needs commitment on the part of society. With its theme of «Social Innovation», CIPRA International’s 2017 Annual Report puts people at the centre of change.
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New ideas for society: CIPRA’s 2017 Annual Report is dedicated to social innovation in the Alps. © Jenni Kuck

The challenging situations that exist today in the Alps, such as a migration, climate change mitigation, mobility and the consumption of resources cannot be solved through technological progress alone; they also require social change. With its topic of «Social Innovation», CIPRA is tackling these challenges from a societal point of view and the potential that lies within society. The 2017 Annual Report sets out possible approaches.

With projects and initiatives on the core topics of «Nature and People», «Economy in Transition» and «Social Innovation», CIPRA International is adopting new approaches. For example, the I-LivAlps workshop in the Italian Valle Maira saw young adults discussing social innovation in the Alps with experts and national representatives. The Annual Report gives brief portraits of seven participants and shows what inspires them and how they personally are developing new ideas.

The national CIPRA representatives are also encouraging exchanges, with numerous projects, workshops and actions regarding the Alpine Convention, climate change, biodiversity or mobility. The «whatsalp» walking group crossed the Alps from Vienna in  Austria to Nice in France last year, thus highlighting change in landscape and society. CIPRA participated with the «whatsalp-youth» project and organised events along the route.

The 2017 Annual Report is available online in PDF format in German, Slovene, French, Italian and English at: