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Sustainable transport policy for an improved quality of life

Apr 07, 2015 / CIPRA International
On Liechtenstein’s doorstep, in the Austrian town of Feldkirch, the planning process is currently underway for a gigantic road construction project in the form of the Feldkirch Urban Tunnel.
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(c) Heinz Heiss, Zeitenspiegel

To put an end to the current stop-start crawl through the city centre, vehicles in future are to be distributed to the four points of the compass via a four-legged tunnel. This will lead to an increase in car traffic at all levels – local, alpine and transalpine – as the tunnel will create a shorter link between two motorways, the Swiss A13 and the Austrian A14.

The road network in the Alpine Rhine Valley is already as well developed as it needs to be. According to the Alpine Convention's Transport Protocol, public transport is to be promoted to ensure that the beautiful valleys, towns and villages of the Alps are not inundated by traffic. Discussions held at the 2014 annual CIPRA conference in Annecy/F show that many of CIPRA’s members are facing similar problems.

Two member organisations of CIPRA Liechtenstein, namely the Liechtensteinische Gesellschaft für Umweltschutz and the Verkehrs-Club Liechtenstein, have official status as parties in the current environmental impact assessment (EIA). They submitted their opinions on the planned tunnel in July 2014. Handling the mass of data relating to the EIA and the official documents was only possible thanks to close cooperation between the two organisations and with citizens’ action groups in Liechtenstein and the Austrian region of Vorarlberg. (de)

Source: Annual Report 2014, CIPRA International,