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Solutions for borderless commuter mobility

Feb 07, 2018
Traffic jams, convoy controls, fine dust pollution and the Brenner base tunnel: while the problems of transit and goods traffic accumulate on political agendas, commuter cars remain stuck in queues.
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Mobility made easy – thanks to integrated timetables and ticket systems. © STA/Bramezza

Only 4% of all daily commuter traffic across the Swiss border is by means of public transport. The results: congested roads, noise and air pollution. But it is not just the major cities of Salzburg or Geneva that are affected, but for the most part rural areas, such as Italy’s Vinschgau Valley or the Alpine Rhine Valley on the border between Austria and Switzerland.

The project «Cross-Border Mobility in the Alpine Region» addresses precisely this problem. The aim is to record the regional, cross-border commuter flows and to develop solutions with the stakeholders involved through collaborative efforts. It is important to make the step down from the national level to supra-regional and local exchanges so as to adapt infrastructures, ticket systems and timetables, and not simply let them end at their respective borders. The EU Strategy for the Alpine  Region (Eusalp) is thus seen as an opportunity to enhance cross-border combinations of different modes of transport, thus improving commuter flows in the Alpine region as a whole. The project will be co-financed with European Union funds.


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