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Signal fires against transit traffic

Jun 11, 2014
Transit traffic over the main Alpine crossings is steadily increasing. Projects such as a second tube for the Gotthard road tunnel are increasing the attractiveness of road transport for goods. This year’s CIPRA action, “Fire across the Alps”, takes aim at this trend.
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For many years, fires have been lit at the beginning of August as a signal to protect the Alps. © Marfis75, flickr

Once again this year, the second weekend in August will see the annual lighting of “high fires” on the Alpine peaks. In 2014 the signal fires, organised each year by CIPRA Switzerland, are intended to warn against the growing problem of transit traffic, with more and more valleys witnessing the negative effects of road traffic. The Swiss Federal Council recently decided to build a second tube for the Gotthard Tunnel, despite the Federal Constitution clearly stating that transit routes in Alpine regions may not be expanded. On the Brenner Pass, the busiest Alpine crossing, transit traffic is also once more increasing after a decline caused by the economic crisis. This year’s fires will draw attention to the fact that protection of the Alps is all too often being undermined in many countries. You can register for the “Fire across the Alps” action at:

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