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Successful environmental campaign aimed at protecting the Alps

Aug 17, 2007 / alpMedia
On August 11 some 40 "high fires" burned throughout the alpine region to draw attention to a sustainable future for the Alps. Fires were lit in Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Italy and Kyrgyzstan as a symbol of a better quality of life in the alpine region.
Image caption:
One of many watch-fires lit as part of the campaign.
High fires such as these have been lit every year since 1986 as an international symbol of solidarity towards the preservation of the natural and cultural legacy of the alpine region and against the destruction of the Alps as an eco-system, thus focusing each year on a burning issue of relevance to the Alps. Each year the campaign has called for the immediate relocation of transit traffic to the rail network.
The two largest events of this kind this year included "Fire in the Alps" organised by Switzerland's Alpine Initiative on the Furka Pass/CH, attended by more than 200 people, and the fire at the Dobratsch in Carinthia/A.
The campaign, which takes place every year during the second weekend in August, is co-ordinated by CIPRA Switzerland.
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