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On foot through the Alps

Oct 20, 2016
From June to September 2017 the “whatsalp” group of mountain enthusiasts will be crossing the Alps from east to west, documenting the changes to the Alpine regions as they go. CIPRA will be accompanying them as a project partner.
Image caption:
Following the trail of change in the Alps. © Zeitenspiegel Heinz Zeiss

How have the Alps changed over the last 25 years? How will we overcome the major challenges of the future? The “whatsalp” walking group will be asking these questions during its four-month Alpine crossing from Vienna in Austria to Nice in France. Both the beauty and the destruction of the Alps will be noted during their trek. This documentation of the state of the Alpine region is to be compared with the results of the “TransALPedes” walk that followed almost the same route in 1992, thus making the changes in the Alps more visible and tangible. Avid walkers can join up with the “whatsalp” group at their own initiative. Their experiences and encounters along the way will be continually updated on and in CIPRA media.
Interested persons, institutions and organisations from the Alps are invited to meet up with the “whatsalp” group along their route and initiate events together. The aim is an exchange between the inhabitants of the Alpine regions and the walking group in order to discuss the changes in the Alps and to highlight the challenges and current issues. Those interested in meeting up can contact the “whatsalp” group directly.

Further information and contact:

whatsalp: Dominik Siegrist: [email protected]
CIPRA: Michaela Hogenboom: [email protected]