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Strange but true...

Apr 12, 2017
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The Principality of Liechtenstein is famous for its royal family, its banks and its strict immigration policy. The latter is now being extended to its beaver population with extremely restrictive measures. In the smallest country in the Alps, intruders will be hunted down and killed. So far a total of 15 beavers have been culled. The reason is the sensitive nature of the flood control points that are not prepared for these migrant animals, who cut down trees, build dams and produce wood chips.

If only these crepuscular and nocturnal creatures would realise that they would be better off doing their work during the day, so that they could then return to their home countries in the evening for a good night’s sleep like the thousands of other commuters! Or perhaps the authorities should realise that flood defences can be protected from the beavers’ architectural labours by technical means… (de)

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