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Oct 20, 2016
…”Ah! Eh! Ih! Oh! Uh!” comes a rough voice from the loudspeaker. He said nothing for 5,300 years: but now Ötzi, the famous Man from the Ice, has found his voice again.

He is probably the most thoroughly investigated mummy in the world: we know what colour his eyes were, about his tattoos, what he wore, the tools he used, that he was struck from behind by an arrow, even what his last meal was. Now, using today’s technology, scientists have managed to reconstruct the Iceman’s voice. It is true that we do not know what his last words were. But project manager Francesco Avanzini imagines that it could well have been a last cry of pain shortly before his death: “Perhaps an ‘Aaghh’ as he was hit by the arrow.” Articulating the vowels is thus a good match, and Ötzi has now become a YouTube star with nearly one million hits registered for his voice. The internet community finds it all highly amusing and is already looking forward to a new ringtone and techno remixes.

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