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Strange but true...

Apr 29, 2015 / alpMedia
…Are beavers really just great big clumsy rodents?

No way! Once in the water they are as agile as fish, they can fell tree after tree and they tirelessly build dams. Their speed is nowhere as obvious as in Liechtenstein, where beavers were seen for the first time in 2008, with the return of this strictly protected animal celebrated. Management of the beaver population so as to regulate how and where these rodents live, however, was neglected, as was the question of the funds required to protect human constructions. In spring 2015 hunters were called in to eradicate two beaver families from protected natural areas: the structures built by the animals were jeopardising flood protection systems. The beaver’s return to Liechtenstein was too successful – and too quick in overhauling the slow wheels of the law.

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