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Strange but true!

Apr 16, 2014 / alpMedia
... Winter ade, scheiden tut weh – Winter must go, parting hurts, as the old German folk song runs. The little Austrian community of Ramsau is now ignoring this piece of wisdom, as well as the laws of nature.

The village, in the Dachstein region, counts 2,800 inhabitants, 6,500 hotel beds and one cross-country ski trail. To make sure the trail can be used in autumn, while the surrounding area is still green, old snow will be stored over the summer under a cover of foil and matting. A stock of artificial snow has been produced in recent months, at the cost of large amounts of water and power. Now the unused remains of this year’s snow will also be scraped together. Such recycling is purely money-driven, as can be seen from the figures: this “snow management” saw the Ramsau cross-country ski trail increase its turnover by 400,000 euros this year.

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