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New project financing ensures a sound basis

Nov 30, 2016
Migration, youth participation, mobility, spatial planning: CIPRA International has recently received assurances for the financing of projects in these areas. Here is an overview.
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The PlurAlps project is seeking solutions to demographic challenges such as the ageing and drifting away of the population. © kallejipp

The committee of the EU’s Alpine Space Programme, the most important international funding programme for the Alps, recently approved 23 projects from a total of 113 submissions. CIPRA International is a partner in three of them: PlurAlps, GaYA and AlpInnoCT. It is also implementing its own project, WorthWild.

The themes are as diverse as the names given to the projects. PlurAlps reveals the opportunities offered by migration, cultural diversity and pluralism for the Alpine region. CIPRA International is responsible for external project communication and assists in the transfer of results to political decision-makers. CIPRA is also developing a pilot project that will link migration and ecological development.

Alpine Innovation for Combined Transport – AlpInnoCT– is aimed at reducing the negative effects of transalpine road haulage, such as pollution and noise emissions. CIPRA International brings all participants involved in the project together at so-called dialogue events in order to produce and implement common and participative solutions in both the technical and non-technical areas.

Governance and Youth in the Alps, or GaYA, is concerned with democratic processes: the aim is to increase the ability of public institutions to involve young people in decision-making processes. This will mean, among other things, the development of a toolbox containing practical methods and tools that encourage participation.

WorthWild aims to produce an Alpine-wide State of the Art of areas of limited infrastructural development in the Alps. These are especially valuable for biodiversity and climate regulation: the intention is to safeguard them by means of suitable spatial planning tools. CIPRA International is leading the project and will also be developing and testing new ways of raising awareness of this issue. WorthWild is part-financed by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety and Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BMUB, BfN), and the Swiss Paul-Schiller-Foundation.


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