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Networking sustainable tourism

Apr 18, 2019 / alpMedia
At the suggestion of CIPRA, international specialists from every Alpine country have developed a job profile aimed at networking sustainable tourism approaches.
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Sustainable tourism: only a wide network of caretakers can meet vastly differing requirements. © CIPRA International

Bio hotels, mountaineering villages, Alpine Pearls, AlpFoodway and the like: the organisations and approaches for sustainable tourism in the Alps are just as diverse as the requirements for those who might network such approaches. At the beginning of November 2018, therefore, CIPRA organised an expert workshop in Innsbruck, Austria. Specialists from the Alpine countries have now fleshed out the profile created there. In addition to the customary experience of the tourism industry and tourism policy, expertise in issues of sustainable mobility, agriculture, energy and climate change now count as central points. A knowledge of the existing eco-labels and eco-certificates used in tourism forms another of the sixteen criteria that in total make up the “Caretaker” requirements profile for sustainable tourism in the Alpine region. “The stakeholders concerned really need a face, a head, a contact person”, states Christian Baumgartner, tourism expert and Vice-President of CIPRA International. The result can be seen as a work programme and an encouragement for those who wish to employ tourism managers whose role will be to work towards greater sustainability in tourism. There is also the question of funding and whether the individuals concerned can be connected to organisations, NGOs or local tourist offices. CIPRA is now distributing the job profile throughout the Alps in co-operation with partner organisations such as the Alpine Convention, with the aim that institutions and authorities will take it up.


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