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Networked for the Alps

Apr 12, 2017
CIPRA is a small organisation that can boast a large network. Its annual report shows how this permits people to tackle the challenges facing the Alps together.
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Learning from each other and realising ideas together: CIPRA's 2016 annual report highlights co-operation in the Alps. © Jenni Kuck

People from various Alpine countries meet for Alpine Convention events, at project meetings and at AlpWeek 2016 to jointly pledge their commitment to sustainable development in the Alps. The 2016 annual report by CIPRA International is dedicated to this co-operation, because change will only come about if we work together.

The annual report tells of encounters, for example between Sandrine Percheval from France and Cassiano Luminati from Switzerland, who met for the first time at AlpWeek. They both work within the CIPRA network and soon began discussing their activities for the Alps, gaining new motivation and ideas from their meeting – just as with many other people and organisations.

Other gems from the fruitful co-operation between CIPRA International and its various partner organisations include the Alpine-wide co-operation on youth participation, sustainable mobility and climate change. The commitment of national CIPRA bodies to sustainable tourism, regional development and mobility is also always a joint matter. The 2016 annual report is available online in PDF format in the Alpine languages of German, Slovenian, French and Italian, plus English, at:

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