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Municipal network for nature protection

Apr 15, 2014 / alpMedia
Nature knows no bounds. Therefore, 25 members of the “Alliance in the Alps” network of municipalities are now working together to ensure greater biodiversity and quality of life. Below is a summary of the aims of the international dynAlp-nature projects.
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Preserving biodiversity is a central issue for the 25 Alpine municipalities involved in the dynAlp-nature project. © Katharina Wieland-Müller, pixelio

Plants and animals pay no heed to either municipal or national borders. Neither should nature conservation work, and consequently members of the “Alliance in the Alps” network are now working together on four projects: visitor direction, ecologically valuable urban greenery, wetlands and the marketing of regional products. Municipalities from all seven Alpine countries are involved in co-operation. As an example, Chambéry métropole in France is implementing its action plan to protect and restore its wetlands. It is receiving additional technical support from the Austrian village of Krumbach, which some years ago decided against the building of a public swimming pool and for the preservation and sustainable use of its moorlands instead. The Slovenian municipalities of Kranjska Gora and Kamnik are cultivating old fruit varieties in their orchards. Along with municipalities from France, Austria, Liechtenstein and Switzerland they are sharing the effort of introducing ecologically valuable urban greenery.

The projects, which are being realised under the name “dynAlp-nature”, allow municipalities to look further afield and choose paths for which they would otherwise lack the resources. In the past there have been three such DYNALP programmes for network members. CIPRA has been supporting the dynAlp projects from the outset.

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