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How ideas grow and prosper

Apr 18, 2018
Marko wants to move to the countryside, but he lacks courage and prospects. Susanne wonders what to do with the many empty buildings. In the project alpMonitor, CIPRA shows how social innovation is preparing the way for the future.
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Social innovation: new ways of social interaction. © Johannes Gautier

How must people in the Alps organise themselves in order to develop new ways of life and the local economy? What do people need to engage with innovative approaches, and how can such initiatives contribute to sustainable development within a community?  

CIPRA International's new interactive presentation «Social innovation - How Ideas grow and prosper» takes users on the road to sustainable development. Different characters within this story show how new thinking can lead to solutions for old problems. Locals and guests meet challenges together and develop solutions for the fictitious remote region «Alp-valley»: How to revive fallow pastures, how to secure local supply, and how to value local traditions?

What favours social innovation

A web dossier deepens the questions and proposed solutions. The «Workshop Alps» provides an excellent breeding ground for social innovations. An inspiring environment, a diverse population and the experience that you have to continuously change in order to survive. It thrives where new ideas are valued, promoted and tested as a joint process. (de, fr, it, sl)