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Foundations laid for Triglav National Park

A core protection zone of the Triglav National Park in Slovenia, the “Dolina Triglavskih jezer” (Valley of the Lakes). © Martin Hefner (flickr)

It has taken 16 years, but the management plan for Slovenia’s only national park is now ready. The participatory process has ensured that it is broad-based in nature.

Triglav National Park is the only national park in Slovenia, and one of the oldest parks in Europe. A law dating back to the year 2000 had set out a management plan for the National Park: in consultation with residents, municipalities, experts, associations and the public, the various interests were then heard and open questions resolved. The Triglav National Park Institute guided the participatory process with workshops and focus groups.

The management plan sets out the conditions for the protection, use, management and development policies for Triglav National Park. The main aim is the conservation of nature and its natural resources: the National Park is also to be preserved as a part of the cultural heritage, with good public infrastructure. In May 2016 – sixteen years after the adoption of the law – all was finalised, with Parliament approving the management plan for the Triglav National Park.

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