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Alpine policy put to the test

Aug 26, 2014
With the development of a macro-regional strategy Europe’s attention is increasingly turned to the Alps – at least for the present. The CIPRA publication SzeneAlpen focuses on the events.
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The current issue of SzeneAlpen addresses the question of why Alpine policy needs to be reoriented. © Frank Schultze, Zeitenspiegel

Europe is at a turning point. Increasing nationalism and stronger regions face a globalised economy, with the Alps in the middle. Economic, social and territorial cohesion across areas with similar challenges and potentials, the so-called macro-regions, can be strengthened through European strategies. Such a strategy is also being developed for the Alps.

This development raises certain questions: Are the Alps seen in Brussels as a natural compensation space for urban areas and a natural and human habitat with particular needs? What opportunities and challenges result from the interaction between urban and rural areas in the Alps? In the current issue of SzeneAlpen, “Which way now? Why Alpine policy needs to be re-focused”, CIPRA gives an overview of international policy on the Alps. This includes an illustration of the levers required to get heard in Brussels, how the interaction between the Alpine Convention and the European strategy could work and why the Alpine regions and civil society must be involved.

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