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A pioneering region for a carbon-neutral economy and life

Aug 30, 2017
The economy of the Alps is to become greener. To make sure it takes on this colour, the comprehensive action programme “Greening the Economy in the Alpine Region” has been launched.
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As part of the action programme “Greening the Economy in the Alpine Region”, six workshops will be held for those players who wish to contribute to the switch to a green economy. © travis-nobles_flickr

The sixth Report on the State of the Alps (RSA) from spring 2017 defines some key aspects for greening the economy: the economy should be low-carbon and resource-efficient, based on ecosystem services and natural capital, and support quality of life and well-being. Based on these results, the XIV Alpine Conference held in Grassau, Germany, in 2016 decided on the creation of an action programme for a green economy in the Alps. This is intended to support the transformation process and build foundations for concrete measures, projects and actions. The German Federal Environmental Agency commissioned a consortium consisting of CIPRA International, blue! advancing European projects, and Spatial Foresight with the development and implementation of the programme.

Local and regional players are to be involved in shaping the future Alpine green economy. Six workshops will be held on this theme in November and December, in Germany, Italy, Austria, France, and Switzerland. Interested parties can still register for these. Topics will range from green financing and business models for the use of natural resources, to recycling, eco-innovations, climate change, and the role of municipalities and cities. In addition to the series of workshops, a survey will be conducted among relevant stakeholders, and there will also be an online platform for all those interested or directly involved in the development of the action programme.


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