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New publication: EU Agricultural Policy and the Environment in the Alps

Oct 22, 2003 / alpMedia
The Alpine Environment Department of the European Academy in Bolzano has just published a new work entitled The EU Agricultural Policy and the Environment - Evaluation of the Alpine Region. It looks at the connections between agricultural policy, agriculture and the environment in the Alps, all of which were analysed by an interdisciplinary team of researchers. Key issues raised include: In what alpine regions is the decline of agriculture particularly severe? Where are the centres of tourism located, and which regions have the highest population density?
Publikation Europäische Akademie Bozen; Fachbereich alpine Umwelt
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How does the Common European Agricultural Policy (CAP) affect agriculture and the environment in the Alps? Does the effect of the CAP vary from one region to the next? What sort of business strategies do farmers adopt to respond to their environment and the measures from Brussels?
The book, which is written in English, is appended with a structural atlas of the Alps on CD-ROM in German and English, with around 50 theme maps, texts, tables and diagrams on aspects of the Alps relating to natural space, socio-economics and agriculture.
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