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Italy-Slovenia: Transport links to the East

Sep 11, 2003 / Francesco Pastorelli
Slovenia, which is set to join the EU very soon, is working hard to modernise its road and rail networks. Transport infrastructure was one of the main themes at a summit meeting of representatives of the Slovenian government and the new administration of Friuli-Julian Venetia/I on 2 September.
Two projects are to get underway shortly: the motorway extension from Maribor/SI to the Hungarian border and the rail link between the seaports of Trieste/I and Koper/SI. The rail link would improve the overall integration of the two seaports and provide Slovenia's rail network with a connection to the west. For the completion of these projects in particular and the modernisation of its rail network in general Slovenia is able to rely on financial support from the EU. With regard to the extension of the motorway network progress has now been made with the proposal made by the Friuli government to set up a joint company of Slovene and Friuli motorway operators.
Source: Regione Friuli-VeneziaGiulia 02.09.2003 (it)