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EU Marco Polo Programme for the displacement of traffic now in force

Aug 28, 2003 / alpMedia
The EU's Marco Polo Programme came into force on August 3. The Programme's objective is to shift increased international freight traffic from the road to other modes of transport.
Haulage companies are to be assisted in their efforts to introduce solutions in intermodal freight transport (i.e. freight transport using different modes of transport) that are already or almost marketable.
The Programme is to run until 2010, with the EU providing a budget of €75 million for the first four years. Companies wishing to take part in the Programme must be domiciled in the EU or in "close third countries" (e.g. acceding countries). Subsidies are available for services on international freight transport routes that include measures aimed at providing start-up help with services, overcoming structural market obstacles, and improving co-operation and the transfer of know-how.
Applications for subsidisation can probably be made from the end of September to the beginning of December 2003.
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