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Cross-border co-operation for the alpine Rhine and Rhine

Jul 03, 2003
The comprehensive survey into the current situation conducted as part of the "Alpine Rhine Development Concept" is now completed. On July 1 experts presented the results before representatives of local communities, environmentalists, anglers, energy suppliers and other parties with a vested interest. For the first time the groups concerned are able to take part in a planning project within an international framework.
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Better flood protection for the densely populated Rhine valley © Thorbecke/IRKA/IRR
As far as the alpine Rhine is concerned, experts believe that action is required particularly in the ecological sector. Development objectives are to be defined by the end of 2004, after which concrete measures are to be put forward. The Alpine Rhine Development Concept is a joint initiative by the neighbouring countries Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Austria through the Alpine Rhine International Government Commission and the International Rhine Regulation.
On July 1 the International Commission for the Protection of the Rhine, a co-operation between the EU and local inhabitants living along the Rhine downstream from Lake Constance, paid tribute to the rehabilitation of the Rhine as one of the greatest environmental successes in Europe. "The successes achieved in keeping the river clear of chemicals must now be matched by efforts aimed at its biological renewal," said Olaf Tschimpke, President of Germany's Naturschutzbund.
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