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A simple way to communicate climate change adaptation

A guideline for the Alps: the C3-Alps Guideline "Communication" shows ways of successfully communicating climate change adaptation. © Claire Simon

There exist solutions for dealing with the consequences of global warming. But how can they be successfully communicated? A guide now gives answers for the Alpine Space in 7 steps.
Decision-makers often know too little about the possibilities of adapting to climate change. Solutions, such as the planting of trees adapted to rising temperatures in mountain forests, are available, but are often not a priority. Good communication is therefore important when informing and persuading people so that they are ready to meet the challenges of climate change.
Complex correlations however make it difficult to get messages across in a simple, clear manner. The linguistic translation of theory into practice is therefore vital. The C3-Alps Guideline "Communication" now offers seven steps to show how these challenges can be mastered in practice. It gives suggestions for the successful communication of the message. The main aspect is adaptation to climate change, while not ignoring other aspects of environmental communication. The Guideline offers new ideas for experts and provides a quick overview for those who are addressing this topic for the first time.
The Interreg Alpine Space Project C3-Alps wishes to bridge the gap between the available theoretical knowledge as regards adaptation to climate change and its application in practice. CIPRA is implementing the project in Liechtenstein and has drawn up the Communication Guideline on the basis of previous projects and studies.
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