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Alps and beyond: better corridors towards the Carpathians and the Mediterranean region

May 27, 2013 / CIPRA Internationale Alpenschutzkommission
Ecological networks are important within certain geographical areas, such as the Alps, and also with neighbouring regions. Several projects are working to ensure that the Alps are better connected with their surroundings. Major steps have been undertaken in the Alps-Carpathians corridor and in the area connecting the Alps with the Mediterranean region.
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The Alpine-Carpathian Corridor project has underlined the value of connected habitats for economy and society by developing a cycling track along the corridor. © AlpenkarpatenKorridor
The Alpine-Carpathian-Corridor project has developed a cross-border action plan providing guidance for its implementation in the fields of land use, transport and spatial planning. Building green bridges across highways and removing fences in forests are some of the on-the-ground activities. Following the final event last December, implementation is now continuing with the aim of a functioning corridor by 2022.
The LIFE-Nature "TIB" project works to improve the environmental features of part of the main ecological corridor that crosses the Po Valley. It is an element of primary importance in the Natura2000 network, as it connects the Alpine and the Continental bioregions. In addition to implementation activities, the project puts a focus on communication. In this context several short video clips have been published in English and Italian.

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