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Feb 15, 2013
… The skiers must be able to swish over gleaming white snow, the ice skaters must glide across brilliant white ice and the biathletes shoot through deep white snow drifts. The Winter Olympic Games in Switzerland must be absolutely snow-white.
No attention is paid to the objections of the environmentalists, do-gooders and contrarians regarding the black holes caused by the explosion in costs, the green fields appearing as a result of climate change, or the grey Engadin produced by the massive building works. Come what may, Graubünden will ensure that its mega-event will this time be staged "in the snow". The promoters know that there will be plenty of snow in St. Moritz. Each time over New Year the cocaine residues flushed away in this elegant, exclusive resort reach world-record levels. And, should the Olympic Games turn out to be a fiasco, a nice cup of tea made with water from St. Moritz will perhaps help improve the mood.

Source and further information: Pro Natura Magazin 01/2013, S. 3, (de)
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