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Financial boost to Bavaria's Ecological Network

Aug 30, 2012 / Aurelia Ullrich-Schneider
2 million Euro will help to further develop the ecological network in Bavaria, "BayernNetzNatur". The environment Ministry gives this additional funding to at least one new nature protection project in each of Bavaria's seven provinces for 2013 and 2014.
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The endangered smooth snake (Coronella austriaca) profits from the hiding possibilities which it finds in the newly created piles of stones along the river Lech. © sorundalasse/
The most important partners of the BayernNetzNatur projects are local associations for landscape and nature protection. With a high level of voluntary work they have been carrying out 376 projects since 1986 for the Bavarian ecological network. One example for a successful project is "Lebensraum Lechtal". Along the river Lech on a 160 kilometre corridor the German association for landscape conservation has reconnected the calcareous grasslands and heathlands.
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