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Jun 20, 2012 / alpMedia
… the bears in Trentino have finally gone too far.
One of them has even recently managed to kill three donkeys. That's quite enough, says Lorenzo Dellai, leader of the northern Italian province of Trentino. Until now a model in the management of these large predators, the area now seems to be at its wits' end. Besides, there are elections coming up, which is when the fur will really start to fly. The proposal is that the Life Ursus programme be stopped forthwith, with half of the 50 bears living in the Trentino transferred to other lands. But where to? It is possible that South Tyrol, the neighbouring province to the north, would be interested. First in April, then in June, two bears were struck and killed by vehicles there: "M14", the first victim, provoked controversy as to exactly which museum may now put him on display, stuffed. Perhaps Switzerland could also take in a bear. Swiss trains are almost as good at getting rid of bears as Italian cars.
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