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Connectivity in pictures

Nov 30, 2011 / CIPRA Internationale Alpenschutzkommission
Besides classic communication tools such as newsletters and press releases ECONNECT used innovative tools to raise awareness among the general public and the stakeholders.
The winning pictures of ECONNECT
Image caption:
The winning pictures of ECONNECT's photo contest are now part of an exhibition on ecological connectivity. © econnect
Non-professional photographers were invited to take pictures showing barriers and corridors in the Alps and to share their images through an on line service (Flickr). The three winning pictures of this photo contest have been selected by an international jury and awarded with attractive prizes. More information:

ECONNECT also invited a class of photograph students to use their creativity to explore ecological connectivity. Images taken at the Alpi Marittime Natural Park (one of the ECONNECT pilot regions) were used to set up an exhibition that was displayed at the ECONNECT Final Conference. The exhibition can be borrowed from all interested organisations. Please email to Riccardo Nigro for further details: [email protected].
More information: