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Sharing experience to strengthen green infrastructure

Nov 30, 2011 / McKenna Davis
How can green infrastructure and its contribution to the provision of a wide range of ecosystem services be strengthened at different spatial scales? An expert workshop on 'Green infrastructure policies and projects' aimed to answer this question. The workshop took place in Brussels on 7 September 2011 and was organised by Ecologic Institute with support from GHK and Institute for European Environmental Policy.
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World café discussion © Ecologic Institute
The workshop aimed to critically discuss the findings from two ongoing projects sponsored by the European Commission, looking in particular at the design, implementation and cost of green infrastructure (GI) projects as well as the effectiveness and efficiency of national and regional GI initiatives. A world café discussion facilitated the sharing of experiences from EU, national and regional administrative body representatives, practitioners, scientists and NGOs.
The results of the workshop will contribute to the development of the upcoming EU Strategy on Green Infrastructure and the EU 2020 Biodiversity Policy, which aim to strengthen GI in regional, national and EU policies and encourage GI initiatives. Investing in and building up GI needs smart and integrated approaches to spatial planning to ensure that Europe's limited land is turned into areas capable of providing multiple functions for nature and society.
Author: McKenna Davis, Ecologic Institut
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