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The bear's about!

Mar 09, 2011 / alpMedia
Clearly the big omnivore feels at home in the Trentino/I. A total of 27 bears were counted there last year, compared with a mere three or four in the 1990s. Meanwhile ten Slovenian bears have settled in the Adamello-Brenta Nature Park as part of the "Life Ursus" campaign.
Brown bears in the Trentino: the largest population in the Alps
Image caption:
Brown bears in the Trentino: the largest population in the Alps © Claudio Groff
The population has now stabilised, and there are now more bears in the Trentino than anywhere else in the Alps. Full details are to be found in the Bear Annual Report published by the Autonomous Province of Trento. The plantigrade species occurs mainly in the Brenta Group, in the Paganella, and west of Trento in the Giudicarie area. 2010 saw the birth of five cubs. Another bear left the Province altogether, travelling a total of 320 km as the crow flies on his travels to southern Slovenia. It is the first time such a vast distance has been recorded for an Alpine bear.
The operations team for bear-related emergencies was called out only twice last year. Nonetheless 237 damage reports were filed. The Autonomous Province of Trento paid out a total of EUR 118,000, more than in 2009. The main causes included the behaviour of individual bears, a shortage of food, and inadequately well protected bee hives.