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Publication: land management in mountain areas

Jan 20, 2011 / alpMedia
The current issue of the bilingual Journal of alpine research is running a feature on land management. It is a subject on which scientific research is sparse, even though it is of increasing concern for Alpine local authorities.
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Einheimische tun sich oft schwer, Grundbesitz in touristischen Orten zu erwerben. © Pyb /
The questions raised by the authors include what instruments are available to Alpine local authorities for land management and for weighing up private and public interests? Are new legal instruments required or a better co-operation between local authorities and the regions? Four examples from France and Switzerland look to provide answers. For years now local authorities in both countries have been faced with rising real estate and land prices. The report discusses various strategies for greater regulation of land management.
The magazine is available in French and English as a free download at: