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Fragmentation of Stelvio National Park management

Dec 15, 2010
A committee composed of members of the Italian government, the region Lombardy and the automous provinces of Trento and Bolzano has decided that the Stelvio national park/I should be run directly by local authorities. It foresees that the park will be managed by the Autonomous Provinces of Trento and Bolzano and the Region Lombardy, in collaboration with the municipalities concerned. According to WWF Italy, this could lead to an unnecessary and potentially damaging administrational fragmentation of the Park.
Once again, politics won over the necessities of an effective and coherent action of conservation, which is feasible only with a strong and unique body in charge of balancing the requests from the local authorities and the protection of the Park's habitat.
The Stelvio National Park should have been a big transnational park that, ideally, should have to be joined with the Swiss National Park. Instead, the decision taken by the Committee goes to the opposite direction. In fact, even if the fragmentation of the Park might assure surer funds, what is certain is that the pressure on the environment, the soil consumption and the hunting activity will raise, since the local bodies are more easily influenced.
Moreover, the dismemberment of the Stelvio NP might become a dangerous precedent for other parks. Also for this reason, it is desirable that the Italian Ministry of the Environment takes a clear stand on the necessity to keep the Park unite.