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Methodological guide of the hierarchical ecological networks

Feb 24, 2011
The pilot region Isère has published a guide presenting various experiences they led since ten years in different areas and the methods being used. The publication "Methodological guide of the hierarchical ecological networks - Ten years of experiments in Isère" is available in English and French.
The objectives set for the guide are to furnish the theoretical bases to an eco-systemic approach to natural areas, to furnish a detailed description of the methods employed, and to furnish a comprehensive account of what has been learned from the implementation of the concept in Switzerland and in Isère.
This methodological guide brings together - in the form of reports or references - all the scientific principles able to serve as a basis for the modelling of natural eco-systemic infrastructures in the field. It also provides the technical approaches - especially cartographic approaches - that were employed to establish the real ecological interactions, or simulations of those interactions, of a particular landscape.
Each stage of the approach is illustrated in the guide by examples of the solutions applied according to standardized or particular situations.
The publication is available on: