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CIPRA Yearly Symposium 2010: "The Alps Adapting to Change"

Oct 20, 2010 / alpMedia
CIPRA's 54th Yearly Symposium was held in Semmering/A (14-16 October 2010) to the motto of "The Alps Adapting to Change - Peripheral Regions Between Wasteland and Hope". It clearly showed that decision-makers are only now beginning to perceive the problems remote areas within the Alps are faced with. Unsurprisingly there were no patent remedies to the problems these areas have to contend with - indeed the circumstances and claims to exploitation in individual regions of the Alps are far too diverse and need to be countered in just as many ways. What remains is a need for debate and action for a sustainable, future-orientated development of peripheral rural regions in the Alps.
On CIPRA focus: future perspectives for structural weak mountain areas in the alps.
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On CIPRA focus: future perspectives for structural weak mountain areas in the alps. © CIPRA Österreich
At the political level (EU, states, regions) the aim is to initiate the next steps to ensure that the challenges faced by the affected regions reach a wider audience. CIPRA will continue to address this issue that is so vital to the alpine region. A key objective is to draw up a Vision 2030 to highlight possible future prospects for structurally weak mountain regions.
The event also addressed the Swiss Parliament's refusal to ratify three Implementing Protocols. As there is now a risk of a weakening of the internal political position of the Alpine Convention within the other contracting parties in the wake of this negative decision, CIPRA adopted a resolution at the Symposium. The resolution calls on Switzerland to set out a common vision for a sustainable Alpine policy and to ensure the political implementation of the Protocols in the medium term. CIPRA will monitor future developments very closely and re-evaluate the overall situation in the light of the forthcoming 11th Alpine Conference in March 2011. CIPRA from the very outset advocated the implementation of the Alpine Convention and its Implementing Protocols, which is capable of delivering the development impetus needed by peripheral rural regions in the Alps as well as solutions to problems specific to the Alps.
All the information on the Yearly Symposium is available at: (de/fr/it/sl)
CIPRA resolution at: (de/fr/it/sl)