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A treasure trove of ideas for climate projects - catalogue of measures online

The Logar Valley

The Logar Valley is to be relieved of the burden of motorised tourism - a sensible traffic-calming measure in the Landscape Park and the first association of residents for the self-administration of a protected area. © Logarska Dolina

Innovative ideas for implementing climate response measures are now available online at (de/en/fr/it/sl). There anyone with an interest in the subject and municipalities in particular can draw inspiration from the many adaptation and mitigation measures for climate change.
The measures stem from the six topic areas which also underpin the cc.alps project: Energy, Nature Conservation, Construction and Renovation, Transport, Spatial Planning and Tourism.
The catalogue of measures was drawn up and compiled by cc.alps in co-operation with the Alliance in the Alps network of municipalities.
The measures will prove particularly useful to communities keen to take part in the recently launched competition by the dynAlp-climate promotion programme: (de/fr/it/sl).